The memory of THIS moment. A cherished feeling that you want to have and to hold forever. When your wedding ends, your babies grow up and you yourself get older, you will look back at the life you created and want to go back - just for a second - and be in THAT moment. That is the value of photography.

A bit about me...

I fell in love with photography as a child - it was a hobby I shared with my father. I was the girl who always had a camera in hand, but college and career took over until my daughter was born. I couldn't believe how quickly she changed from one day to the next! The only way to hold onto each precious moment was to photograph it. My friends asked me to photograph their families and when my son went to kindergarten, maxx&me became a business. But to me, it isn't a business, it is a passion. To capture the memory of a life moment and be able to share it with our friends and family for generations to come - that is a privilege.

I am truly fortunate to do what I love and love what I do. The best thing for me about being a photographer is delivering the finished photographs to a family or a newlywed couple and seeing the emotions on their faces. I hope to have the opportunity to give this same gift to you.

My story

May 7, 1994

My Wedding

The best day of my life...well, until the days my children were born. In this moment, we were all feeling a little silly about pretending to dance in the entrance of the hotel with cars pulling up to the valet, but years later, this image brings back all the joy, love and laughter of the day.

This one single image tells the story of where my family began.


My Family

It really does seem like yesterday that my babies were small, but now they are both taller than I am!

Hard to imagine, right?

When you see your child's toothless grin, hold their chubby little hand, get the sweetest snuggles and kisses, you don't realize in the moment that it won't last forever.


. . . .

Both of my babies are in college now, but their schools are local so they come home for the weekends. When the weather is warm, we head out to the beach to watch the sunset and have a barbeque. Or we will just stay in, cook a delicious dinner and enjoy great conversation.

It's actually pretty fun to have big kids!

Pena Palace, Portugal

My Travels

I love to travel! In 2019 my husband and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary with a trip to Portugal. It was like a second honeymoon! We stayed in castles, ate cheese, drank wine and I took lots of photos! My next big trip will be with the family to Ireland, Scotland and Germany.

You can follow my travel photography on Instagram: @MaxxPhoto_Travels.

"The best things in life are the people you love, the places you've seen, and the memories you've made along the way."